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To all American basketball players: Would you pay $100 for a chance to play basketball at the White House with the President? This site proposes a way to make this happen, for some lucky few, while raising much-needed funds for people in need.

This proposal takes advantage of the following facts:

  • The President plays hoops.
  • Millions of people all over the country play hoops.
Back in the 1970s, another time when the country was hurting economically, there were various jokes going around suggesting a "bake sale" to help out the government. Aside from being ineffective (how many brownies need to be sold to buy a submarine, never mind bail-out AIG?), a bake sale is boring (and fattening).

Hence, this proposal to raise funds.

Proposal Update (March 20, 2009)

Before his appearance on the Tonight Show last night, ideas for the organizations to benefit from this lottery were many and vague. After his appearance, the beneficiary is clear:

The Special Olympics

Proposed HWO Lottery Rules:
  • Teams of at least 7 people.
  • All team members must be at least 13 years of age.
  • Each team member's entry fee is $100. Whether a team pays $700 or $900 (7 vs. 9 player team), it has an equal chance to win the lottery. Individuals that can't afford the $100 could find a team sponsor or hold their own fundraisers.
  • Three winning teams will be randomly-selected to play the President's team at the White House.
  • A fourth team, made up of Special Olympians, will play the first game on the 2nd day.
  • There will be two games per day over two days; games will be played under NCAA rules.
  • The President will play at least 15 minutes per game. Obviously, he's a busy man, so his participation is subject to change at the last minute. Everything possible will be done to ensure that the winning teams get to play against the President.
  • Teams must pay their own way to get to the White House on game day. Accomodations will be provided.
  • Individuals may enter as part of 3 different team rosters as long as the $100 entry fee is paid for that individual for all teams.
  • The entry fee entitles each team member to a limited-edition "Hoops With Obama" T-shirt.
  • NOTE: The rules listed above are an initial proposal; please feel free to discuss.

With all the adult rec leagues and high school teams and playground players in this country, surely there are 2000 groups that are interested in playing a competitive but respectful game of basketball with our first "Hoops-American" President? With that many teams, each of which has an average of 8 players paying an average team entry fee of $800, the lottery could raise at least $1,600,000! Add in a few national sponsors (Gatorade? Nike? NBA?), and the total contribution to Special Olympics could double!

And with a better than 700 to 1 chance of winning, interest should be very high. I know I'd love to pick the President's pocket when he tries his crossover dribble. :-)

Email the White House to show your support for this proposal!


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